Elevator Control Service recognizes that escalating operating costs are of primary concern to our customers, therefore making superior prevention priority one. Our exclusive Preventive Maintenance Program is comprehensively designed to preserve vital equipment by providing optimum protection against everyday wear and tear conditions that ultimately affects the performance, efficiency, reliability and useful life expectancy of your vertical transportation investment.

Our proven Maintenance Control Program is individually customized to meet or exceed specific system requirements dependent upon the precise type, vintage, usage and working environment in which each article of equipment is designed to serve. ELCON’s Computerized Maintenance Management System (ECMMS) applies automated intervals of inspection based on existing equipment demands and further details the particular tasks performed during every examination and unscheduled repair.

Unlike current industry practices intended to substitute routine equipment examinations with predictive maintenance techniques based on estimated usage, Elevator Control Service simply utilizes the advantages offered through modern technology to complement proven old school measures of systematic prevention. When it comes to realizing optimum performance standards and sustaining maximum levels of elevator efficiency, there is absolutely no substitute for regular intervals of inspection.