Quality Assurance

ELCON’s in house Quality Assurance Division is truly one of a kind and mixes modern day technology with old school techniques to provide the perfect blend for total customer satisfaction. Our exclusive Quality Control Program is made up of NEIEP (National Elevator Industry Education Program) trained vertical transportation technicians with National QEI (Qualified Elevator Inspector) Certification as licensed Elevator/Escalator Inspectors.

All Managers and Supervisors remain current on all applicable and projected new code enforcements for each local jurisdiction through the National Elevator Association of Safety Authorities (NEASA) and the International Union of Elevator Constructors (IUEC). Each Supervisor routinely monitors all articles of contracted equipment within their respective region and additionally serves as a Quality Assurance Examiner for vertical transportation devices indirect of their immediate supervision.

All current performance conditions, noted equipment deficiencies and/or code violations of any sort are documented and submitted in triplicate to the authorized Project Manager, Regional Supervisor and assigned Route Technician with specific direction to promptly remedy such discoveries. Contact Elevator Control Service to learn more about our in house Quality Assurance Program and the added benefits it offers to the end user.